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Belinda Iulianella

Based in Melbourne, Feng Shui My Home is a consultancy company specialising in transforming the energy of a home to support the sale and achieve a premium sale price.

Owner and creator, Belinda Iulianella, brings a wealth of both real estate and feng shui knowledge and experience to the business. Having enjoyed a successful real estate career for the past 8 years, she created Feng Shui My Home to help sellers achieve maximum prosperity when presenting their home on the market.

Belinda successfully attained her qualifications as an Accredited Feng Shui Consultant having graduated with the Ministry of Feng Shui and has recently completed further training from world renowned Grand Master Raymond Lo of Hong Kong.

For further information on how Feng Shui My Home can maximise your selling potential visit my website or contact me personally.

Feng Shui My Home
Jill Lynch
Marama Haggie
Melissa Creedon

Melissa lives a happy and loving life with her husband and two children in Victoria. She has previously enjoyed a career in Human Resources and Training and now experiences great satisfaction as a Feng Shui Consultant working with people in their homes and businesses.

Melissa practices Feng Shui with the intention of introducing it into the lives of those who are interested and wish to benefit from its philosophies.

There are many factors that affect the direction of our lives and all have a part to play in our success. Melissa believes that all the positive things we do in our lives contribute to our overall happiness. Feng Shui has been enhancing lives for thousands of years, so it is worth seeing what it can do for you.

Rachael Goldsworthy

Whilst my experience with Feng Shui is limited, I strongly believe in the benefits of its application to everyday living. I am curious by nature and have a thirst for knowledge and am dedicated to constantly improve my customers experience with my Real Estate Agency by honing my Feng Shui knowledge.

Rachael Goldsworthy Realty
Rose Migliorisi

A lot of people are unaware of what Feng Shui is, let alone how powerful and helpful it can be for themselves, their family and friends. One of my goals and mission is to spread the word and help people improve and make their lives more positive, hopeful and prosperous.

When I started learning about the meaning of the numbers e.g. the 5 being obstacles and difficulties, I looked at my house plan more intensely in order to understand them. My daughter is one of those people that see dead people and spirits. so when I noticed that we had a blue 5 in our study I asked the question. Her answer was "Yes all the time", now that's a connection! In fact a couple of months ago in the same room I heard a woman's loud voice come out of the speakers of my computer and it wasn't on! Since then I have hung 6 bells in there regardless of the fact that it has a Mountain 9 there.

I read the newspaper on a daily basis and find at least twice a week whenever a tragedy like floods, earthquakes, car accidents, plane crashes etc occur, tend to connect with the yellow 5 or the 2 energies for the year or month.

Have you heard the expression "it must be somethng in the air?" Well when I respond by saying "yes" it's the energy, direction and it's influence (disregarding the weird looks you get when saying this of course) that's what is in the air.

I am still currently studying, constantly researching and going to lectures/seminars to further increase my knowledge of Feng Shui and all the fantastic insight it has to offer.

Master Salwa Abboud

The Ministry of Feng Shui & Four Pillars of Destiny was accredited in 2007 and offers an amazing & powerful Certificate IV in both Feng Shui & Four Pillars of Destiny.

The Ministry has trained many students who become experts, achieving and accomplishing with confidence while honoring this Ancient Chinese Method of harmonizing and balancing the energy of your home and your energy as an individual.

As no two people are the same, no two homes are the same and the Ministry has a variety of weekly or monthly courses to accommodate when you can or want to study with or without a Mentor.

The course offers many on-site visits and examples to help in your understanding, help build your knowledge and help you gain confidence as you start in your Professional consulting career.

As well as the Certificate IV courses in Feng Shui & Four Pillars of Destiny, the Ministry also teaches the following:

  • 100% Chi Homes
  • Face Reading
  • I Ching
  • Landscape Methods
  • Advanced Formulas in Feng Shui (known as Secrets)
  • Advanced Four Pillars (Symbolic Stars)
  • Cosmic Inner Smile
  • Qi Gong (Hara Training)
  • Tea Cup reading
Effortless Living
Sandra Stergiou

Sandra is the founder of "Fortune's Gate Feng Shui", which opened in late 2005.

She is a qualified Feng Shui Consultant who uses the principles of Flying Star for balancing the energies in a home, and Four Pillars of Destiny for personal destiny analysis.

She has a Certificate IV in Feng Shui Consultancy, and in Chinese Astrology - Four Pillars of Destiny obtained through the Ministry of Feng Shui, and she has also studied in Hong Kong under Master Raymond Lo

She is very passionate about Feng Shui and Four Pillars and has seen the benefits in implemeting the principles in her life, the lives of her family and her clients.

Please visit the website for more information on the services Fortune's Gate has to offer

Fortune’s Gate Feng Shui
Tracey Jackson

Tracey received her qualifications in Feng Shui and Four Pillars Destiny Forecasting through the Lillian Too Institute in Malaysia. She continues to study and has completed advanced courses in Four Pillars with Jerry King, Flying Stars with Joey Yap and Urban Landscapes with Master Mas. She has also completed two short courses in Interior Design and one in Reiki.

Four Pillars allows you to see the needs of the occupants and this is then incorporated into her consultation. Given the home is for the people, surely we must start with the individuals.

Tracey enjoys showing you how 'right' the elements feel when they are in the correct positions. This is when the theory makes sense and the Feng Shui comes alive for her clients.

Tracey uses Form, Eight Aspirations, Eight Mansions and Flying Star Feng Shui combined with Four Pillars Destiny Forecasting. She brings all this knowledge together in a practical way and can teach you how to apply this knowledge for yourself.

A Living Room
Gold Coast
Yvonne Darlington

I provide residential and small business Feng Shui consults in Brisbane and surrounding local government areas. I have had a life-long interest in the interrelationships between people and their environments; I practised for many years as a social worker and have in recent years turned this interest to the possibilities of Feng Shui to promote growth and wellbeing.


Yvonne Darlington Feng Shui

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