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Alma Gonzalez

Alma is Vice- President of International Feng Shui Association- Australian Chapter. Alma obtained her qualifications from A.C.E.S. - Australian College of Environmental Studies in Feng Shui and Chinese Astrology- Four Pillars of Destiny and with Vic Ketis at The Australian Academy of Feng Shui, Chinese Astrology and I Ching. She applies in every consultation all Traditional Feng Shui schools: Form, Compass and Flying Star.

She believes that Feng Shui gives us the tools on how to create environments in which we feel comfortable, nurtured and supported.

"Well-being - is a contented state of being happy and healthy and prosperous."

and this is our purpose of applying Traditional Feng Shui principles.

A Feng Shui Wellbeing consults business and residential properties specializing in new developments and homes projects. Our consultation will look at all aspect of your life: relationships, health, career and finances. Alma's assessment comprises:

A thorough consultation for homes or/and business Comprehensive written report. Best advice utilizing practical recommendations. Help and prompt follow up.

Consultations in Spanish are also available.

Master Anjela Wong

Consulting widely on commercial and residential projects, we can support your corporation, small business or home with sound technical knowledge and a professional service.


Anjela Wong and Associates specialises in Feng Shui for large commercial projects. We have consulted extensively in many industries, including finance, property development, hospitality, gaming and entertainment. We can support your development or fitout, or help enhance an existing space. As Anjela is Chinese, we can also offer Chinese cultural sensitivities assessments for a project.

Residential and Small Business:

Anjela is passionate about helping you to create a home or work place that supports your health, wealth and relationship goals. Her recommendations are practical and won’t make your place look like a Chinese restaurant. Make the most of your existing place, whether you have been there for years or are looking to fitout a new space. We can also help with your building or renovation project, or if you want to sell your place and find a new one.

Based in Melbourne, Australia, we travel widely according to your needs.

Please visit our website for more information: www.anjelawong.com.au

0438 009 038
Carol Partridge

Carol Partridge is the Director and Senior Consultant of Sacred Feng Shui Design and can advise you how to adjust the energies that surround you to create greater ease and flow and attract positive energy and prosperity.

Carol brings together her expertise in feng shui, geomancy, space clearing, sick home and building analysis, chinese and western astrology, numerology, inherited psychic abilities and over 20 years of customer service experience to provide her clients with a superior feng shui service.

She has had extensive training in Form Compass (San He) and Flying Stars (San Yuen) feng shui from experts such as Grandmaster Raymond Lo of Hong Kong and Grandmaster Yap Cheng Hai and Master Yap Boh Chu of Malaysia. This is important because you can be confident the feng shui analysis and recommendations made during your feng shui consultation will bring positive results.

Business clients' include the ANZ Bank Melbourne, Lend Lease Melbourne, Monash College Melbourne, Mail Exchange Hotel Melbourne, Woods Bagot and the Enigma 8 Hotel in Adelaide, Trupp Cooking School Melbourne, and 24Moons Club in Melbourne.

Confidentiality is guaranteed which means you can rest assured all sensitive information discussed during or after any consultation is considered sacred and treated with sensitivity and respect. We understand everyone has different needs and budgets, so we offer a variety of services which are listed below.

Our services can also be tailor made to suit your needs and circumstances. Business and home consultations are available Australia wide. Contact Carol on 1300 728 279 or visit our Contact Us page to enquire via email.





0434 880 411
Carol Ramsden

Carol Ramsden, founder of Feng Shui Qi can show you how qi, the universal life force, can affect your health, wealth and relationships, at the same time making the Feng Shui process very easy for you. Carol conducts Flying Star Feng Shui consultations for homes and business and is now based at Hope Island, Gold Coast, QLD.

Carol is a Senior Feng Shui Practitioner who has researched and studied Feng Shui since 1997 attaining her Higher Diploma. Carol studied principally with a world class Feng Shui Master: Master Joseph Yu, (founder of the Feng Shui Research Centre), learning the method of Feng Shui known as "Xuan Kong" or commonly known as Flying Stars. This method is used by most Traditional Feng Shui Masters around the world. It is the most complex, therefore the most effective and accurate form of Feng Shui by calculating the qi in a building using space (compass direction) and time (the date it was built) to create a numeric qi map.

Carol has been very fortunate, her Feng Shui journey has taken her to many countries including Singapore, which for the past 4 years has been her second home. Here Carol furthered her knowledge of Feng Shui in practice in Asia. In addition to Feng Shui, Carol has also studied BAZI and Face Reading.

Carol was honoured to be the South Australian Representative of the world-wide Feng Shui Network until 2003 when she relocated with her husband to Queensland. During this time she hosted the Annual Feng Shui Conference in Adelaide. Carol also conducts seminars and workshops on various aspects of Feng Shui and has been a guest speaker at different functions showing people how and when to harmonise the elements to bring balance to their environment.

Carol now lives on the Gold Coast and has "Feng Shui'd" many homes, apartments and businesses on the Gold Coast, Brisbane, NSW, SA, Far North Queensland, Singapore and New Zealand. Her detailed Feng Shui reports are very user friendly and easy to understand. Carol also works closely with architects and builders on the Gold Coast to ensure the Feng Shui is right from the ground up.

Like most Feng Shui Practitioners with a passion for the subject, Carol feels she will be studying Feng Shui for the rest of her life and she shares her enthusiasm by spreading the benefits of Feng Shui for the common good and helping people to improve their daily lives. Carol takes great pride in both referral and repeat business from her clients around Australia.


Gold Coast, QLD
0412 380 516
Master Carolyn McCallum

Feng Shui Harmony is committed to creating prosperity, abundance and wellbeing for clients both in a residential, corporate or business setting. The Director of Feng Shui Harmony, Carolyn McCallum has studied extensively with many Masters and Colleges since 2004 and would love the opportunity to help create an environment that is supportive to you.

Her knowledge about the importance of fire (stove, BBQ, heaters) placement will release information to you that is essential in whether your home is working for you or against you. Carolyn is an expert in placing the stove for kitchen renovations, providing a summary on whether to decide to choose a particular house or work space based on her Feng Shui analysis of the buildings and your personal relationship with them.

Carolyn is regularly interviewed on radio about Feng Shui and has had articles published by newspapers and magazines on Feng Shui and Professional Organising (yes, she helps people clear their clutter too).

Carolyn is highly regarded in her field and has many testimonials from clients who she builds relationships with and continues to help over long periods of time. Her website contains many examples of people she has assisted. Carolyn works full time as a Feng Shui consultant and has helped over 500 clients improve their lives using Feng Shui.

0430 162 537
Christina Papageorgiou

Christina Papageorgiou is the principal of ANGELIC POWER FENG SHUI CONSULTANCY SERVICES and has been offering Feng Shui Consultations to an extensive portfolio of individuals and business clients since 2000. Christina holds a Bachelor of Education in Business and Physical Education and has been passionate about absorbing wisdom all her life. As a student of the Tao and a Metaphysician Christina is a seeker and in her quest to understand Universal Laws has developed a greater understanding of energy forces both internal and external.  This quest through the inner – tai chi, yoga and Qi gong lead the pathway to a decade and a half long study of Feng Shui with various masters and teachers and also self study. Christina connects and channels Angelic forces and utilizes this in her healings and consultations. As an educator Christina readily shares her knowledge through consultations, seminars and workshops with her students and clients making complex esoteric wisdom easily accessible to all.


Christina  owned and operated a retail store called BLISS ON EARTH in Puckle Street, Moonee Ponds for six years which  enabled greater access to resources for her clients.


Chris is a qualified Feng Shui Practitioner, Geobiologist, and Qi-gong practitioner with qualifications in numerous healing modalities including; Crystal Healing, Past Life Regression, Kinesiology, Reconnective Healing, Forensic Healing, Melchizedek Method, Lightwave- Pleiadian Healing, Raindrop and Emotional Clearing Techniques using Young Living Oils, and Australian Bush Flower Essences,


Services offered include; Consultations - Domestic & Business, Seminars, Lectures, Courses & Workshops.


Christina tailors each consultation to suit the specific needs of her clients and utilizes the following in her consultations : Chinese Astrology, Chinese Numerology, Four Pillars Analysis, Land Form,  Bagua,  Flying Star, Electromagnetic Assessment, Earth Healing, Dowsing, Space Clearing and Fifth Dimensional Templating.

Christina currently consults and teaches on the east coast of Australia - Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and the Gold Coast.

Coral DiBella

The study and practise of Feng Shui and Chinese Astrology has given Coral the opportunity to develop a strong network of Feng Shui associates worldwide. For most of her life she has been interested in the way that the human race interacts with their environment. Both the impact of the human influence on the earth and beyond and also the way in which our environment influences us, has driven Coral to delve into this complex and fascinating relationship.


Looking for answers, Coral found herself drawn towards the ancient studies of Feng Shui, Chinese Astrology, Geomancy and Space Clearing. During her time at The Australian College of Environmental Studies (ACES) she successfully completed Certificates and a Practitioner Diploma in Feng Shui, Chinese Astrology and Geomancy.

Following her time at ACES, Coral continued her studies at The Australian Academy of Feng Shui and Chinese Astrology. Upon completion of these further studies, which included Advanced Feng Shui and the I-Ching, Coral held a much deeper understanding into the principles and practice of these traditional fields of metaphysics. In order to extend her knowledge of the intricacies of Feng Shui theory and practice, Coral realised the importance of studying under a Feng Shui Master. Consequently, she has travelled to Singapore several times over the past few years to study under Grand Master Raymond Lo of Hong Kong and was awarded her Diploma of Feng Shui and Chinese Astrology in 2008. In 2009 Coral once again traveled to Singapore to complete the Advanced Practitioner Training Program with this Feng Shui Master.

0439 795 935
Edgar Yung

Edgar (Lok Tin) Yung, has been using Feng Shui and Chinese Astrology including Bazi and Ziweiduoshu, helping the Chinese community in Melbourne since early 2000.

Edgar has been writing Feng Shui and Chinese Astrology articles for two Chinese weekly magazines in Melbourne since 2003.

Since young age, Edgar is very much attracted by traditional Chinese Culture, especially Chinese Astrology and Feng Shui. After graduating from Monash University in early 1990, Edgar went back to Hong Kong worked as a computer professional. At the same time, he followed a few Masters including Feng Shui Master, Bazi and Ziweidoushu Masters to further enhanced his Chinese Astrology and Feng Shui skills.

He carefully picked those Masters are not commercialized.

Bazi and Ziweidoushu help understand your Personality, Potentials Wealth, Health, Career Path, Relationship and Luck Cycle. Feng Shui has power to further enhance Health, Wealth and Relationships.

Fen Ingersole

As a qualified Martial Arts Instructor and a graduate of a Bachelor of Education degree in Mathematics, Fen realised that teaching wasn't enough so she changed careers into management hoping to find self-contentment. Even though Fen loves the teaching and managing aspects - something was still incomplete. More than 10 years ago, Fen developed an interest in Feng Shui. Fen studied and practiced it on herself for fun but it soon led into something more fruitful.

In 2006, Fen decided to seriously study Feng Shui with Lillian Too's Master Practitioner Course in Malaysia and winning 2nd prize in the group case study. Fen pursued to further expand her Feng Shui knowledge by enrolling with Australian College of Environmental Studies, graduating with High Distinctions and Distinctions in Certificate IV Feng Shui course, whilst at the same time completing a Diploma of Architectural Technology.

"Success and Happiness Always" is what is expected and carried through in Fen's residential and/or commercial consultation. Fen have also combined her passion for painting in providing complimentary Feng Shui Artwork (each with authentic certificate) as part of her consultation package. The unique feature of using the assessment to draw your "complimentary" Feng Shui artwork.

Fen's qualification in architectural technology will also further assist clients who are seeking new home designs with Feng Shui in mind, pre-purchase assessments and professional Floor plan drawings.

Fen previously the Vice President and member of the Association of Feng Shui Consultants.

Sydney, Australia
0414 696 336
Master Jane Langof

Jane Langof is a Feng Shui master and the founder of Feng Shui Concepts, combining design principles with traditional Feng Shui to create positive energy, harmony and style. 

Jane specialises in Feng Shui design projects, and works with leading architects and builders for large scale projects such as high-end residential development, office refurbishments, unit development and refurbishments in the gaming and hospitality industry.

Jane enjoys sharing her knowledge in Feng Shui through media and speaking engagements, and participates in events for international experts in the Feng Shui industry.  Jane has appeared on television, radio and is regularly invited to provide commentary in newspaper and magazine articles.

Jane is an IFSA accredited Feng Shui Master, a professional member of the Association of Feng Shui consultants, an associate member of the Design Institute of Australia and participates on the management committee of IFSA, the International Feng Shui Association in Australia. 

Sydney, Australia
0412 002 757
Julie Murdock

Julie is a Trained Nurse who has worked in the Health industry as well as the Residential & Corporate industry running her own businesses for a great many years.

Julie has used both her experience and training to present tailored courses on Self Development & Stress Management for corporate and personal purposes through Infinite Business Solutions.

Julie has had an interest in Feng Shui for the last 10 years. Having read many books on the subject, which she found very confusing and contradictory, Julie, decided to obtain formal training in Feng Shui through a Master of Traditional Feng Shui, the world famous Master Joseph Yu.

Julie is a member of the Association of Feng Shui Consultants .

Having researched and studied over a period of years, like most Feng Shui Specialists Julie feels she will be studying this art for the rest of her life. A prospect she finds both exciting and challenging.

Julie developed Feng Shui Lifestyle & Design to give Individuals, Residential & Corporate clients, Authentic and Professional Services. To bring Balance to their Environment, and promote Prosperity and Well Being for all.

Julie has now started to develop Property Styling and Interior Design as a part of the services she can offer. Having completed a professional Home Staging course and now embarking on Interior Design Julie feels she has a lot more to offer her clients both with or without Feng Shui

South Australia
0411 554 395
Kelly Ingram

My passion for harmonious living and working space is virtually part of my DNA. Stemming from my parent’s love-affair with developing property (before it was popular), I’d lived in 18 homes by the age of 18. My natural progression was to study and work in the property industry, where I now hold more than 12 years’ experience in Real Estate sales.I believe Feng Shui found me.Throughout my career while visiting hundreds, if not thousands of properties, I began to feel the different energies in people’s homes and see the affects. One day, a Feng Shui magazine landed on my lap and as I began to read, it was almost instantly that I felt like a light had been turned on.From that day on I have studied and travelled to learn as much as I can about the art of Feng Shui. I have been lucky enough to study with some of the most innovative and respected Feng Shui masters and teachers in the world. For me, Feng Shui is a lifetime study and that excites me.In my own life and home, Feng Shui has had a profound and tangible affect. Analysing my own home and work environments has meant that I can not only understand what is going on in my life during a certain point in time, it’s meant that I can foresee any obstacles which may present themselves and prepare accordingly, often creating opportunities where some people may feel challenged. I believe that our homes are a direct representation of where we are in life in this moment. By balancing the energies in your home, I can help enhance your inner peace and harmony, improve health and relationships and encourage you to be more open to receiving abundance and good fortune. I love Feng Shui. I trust the science and know it works. I would love it to work for you and see it create harmony and abundance in your life too, Kelly x

Leonie Keith

My Feng Shui journey started around18 years ago and my passion and dedication to this ancient Chinese Metaphysical practice continues today.

Throughout the years my studies have included the following: • Institute of Feng Shui, Lillian Too, online course Practical Feng Shui for Modern Living 2010. Malaysia Master Practitioner course 2011. Malaysia Master Consultants course 2012 with Lillian Too.

• Academy of Feng Shui, Advanced Flying Stars Parts 1 and 2 with Master George Bennis, in 2013.

• Raymond Lo’s School of Feng Shui & Destiny, Feng Shui 1 & 2, with Grand Master Lo in 2013.

• Raymond Lo’s School of Feng Shui & Destiny, Feng Shui 1 in 2012, 4 Pillars of Destiny 1 in 2013 with Juliana Abram.

• Australian Academy of Feng Shui, Sacred Geometry with Vic Ketis 2014.

• Raymond Lo’s School of Feng Shui & Destiny, 4 Pillars of Destiny 1 & 2 with Grand Master Lo in 2014.

• 4 Pillars of Destiny, Level 1 & Level 2 with Dr Chong Jin Peh in 2015 & 2016.

Lizette Akouri
Lizette grew up in Macau in SE China amongst the old Chinese customs. She came to Sydney over 30 years ago and has been working in the finance sector ever since.

She has been practising Feng Shui for many years, however after raising her family she decided to take up formal studies by embarking in a series of studies of Traditional Feng Shui and Chinese Astrology.

She has studied with Mastery Academy of Metaphysics from Malaysia under Rina Lee and Joey Yap, then with Juliana Abraham and Grand Master Raymond Lo of Hong Kong with whom she received a Diploma from his School of Feng Shui and Destiny.

She is also a graduate of Australian College of Environmental Studies and Australian Academy of Chinese Astrology under Vic Ketis.

She has been consulting now for just over 3 years and her specialty is in solutions to health, relationships and wealth issues for residential properties and the well being of employees and maximising the income of small businesses in the Sydney area.

She is a Platinum member of the Association of Feng Shui Consultants and an Associate member of the International Feng Shui Association.
Maxine Short

Have you ever walked into a home or business and felt that sense of enthusiasm, balance and wellbeing? Wonderful isn't it? Just imagine creating that atmosphere in your home or business.

How many times have you promised to turn your life around, but just never got around to doing it?

The Director of Melbourne Feng Shui Coaching Services, Maxine Short, is a qualified Feng Shui Consultant and has run her business since 1996. Maxine has also gained qualifications as an Advanced Practitioner in Coach Mastery and Certificate IV in Life Coaching to assist her clients to achieve transformation in their lives both personally and professionally.

Feng shui offers you the opportunity to achieve health, happiness and well-being through living in harmony with your environment. Life Coaching enables you to identify your goals and implement new belief systems.

Professional advice is given on homes, units, offices and businesses when:

- Selling or buying a property

- Renovating or building new properties

- Existing homes, businesses or offices

- Improving areas of your lives that are not working for you


0416 204 934
Melynda Munro

The journey to Feng Shui started from an early age when Melynda often accompanied her father on building sites where she developed a practical sense of the placement of building, rooms and services.

0429 009 099
Mina R Zheng

Mina was born in Southern China and moved to Australia in 1990. My Feng Shui studies began with my family, and in particular with my father, who is a well known Tai Chi master, Chinese Metaphysic researcher and writer. I have studied with Grand Master Shao Wei Hua in Gunagzhou, who is among top ten feng shui masters in China, following my studies with him, he personally awarded me the title of Feng Shui Master and Zhou Yi Predition Master. In addition to these studies, I have also studied in Malaysia with the international master Lillian Too, as well as with the international master Raymond Lo in Hong Kong. I now have a busy international practice, with regular visits to Tokyo. In addition to my feng shui studies, I have also gained an MBA degree whilst in Australia. The business background arising from this assists my perspective in many consultations, particularly with commercial clients.

0412 456 286
Natasha Watkins

Natasha is the founder and Director of Balanced Living Feng Shui , and she blends her professional background in Architecture and Interior Design with a life long passion in Metaphysics. She is committed to helping people realise their full potential by re-aligning their environment so that it fully supports their goals in life.

Natasha has studied with both in Australia and also with two Internationally renown Feng Shui Masters - Master Raymond Lo and Master Joseph Yu. Natasha began her formal studies in Feng Shui in 1999 at the Australian College of Environmental Studies. Since then, she has completed courses in Feng Shui & Business Feng Shui with Master Jodi Brunner, and Chinese Astrology with Vic Ketis at the Australian College of Environmental Studies.

0413 777 378
Tina Curro

Tina Curro is the founder of Design 2 Feng Shui, which opened its doors in early 2005. Tina is a qualified Feng Shui consultant and approved trainner provider with the IICT.

Tina has studied with Master Salwa Abboud, Grand Master Raymond Lo, Grand Master Stephan Skinner, Master Jodi Brunner, and Vic Ketis. 

Tina is devoted to her clients needs and is committed to giving them an honest and accurate Feng Shui analysis of their Destiny and of their home /business. Tina always provides ongoing support and contact with her clients and her students. 

Once harmony is created to a home and business alike your life flows to a greater direction. This is why Tina has a passion for Chinese Metaphysics and enjoys improving people's quality of life through this alternative practice.

Master Tyler J. Rowe

Tyler is practicing Doctor of Chinese Medicine with Bachelor Degrees in Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine. He is also a 6th Degree Master of Chinese Martial Arts and Fengshui Practitioner.

Studying, practicing and teaching Chinese Medicine and related arts for more than 20 years, Tyler regularly lectures at conferences and seminars as well as authoring articles for professional journals.

Tyler lives by the principle of Gongfu ‘Hard work and applied skills’. This, with his passion for classical Chinese literature, has lead him in recent years to embark upon the task of translating the Fengshui Classics and from them, (re)develop a practical system based on their applications.

0417 307 645
Veen Kaur

I specialise in Feng Shui and the art of balancing homes and business workplaces to attain a more harmonised, in flow, environment for all. I help my clients understand the potential in their environment; capitalising on $money$ and luck sectors, taking care of relationships and ensuring the health and well-being sectors of their personal and/or business spaces are balanced well. My services offer Home & Business Feng Shui Consultations (including, Professional Home Staging (Pre-Selling), Pre-Purchase & Pre-Rental of a Home/Business). Please refer to my website: http://www.lotusfengshui.com.au/services/ for a more in-depth description of each service. I am also an Advanced Reiki Practitioner and dedicate my life purpose to help serve and help heal those who require re-balancing of body, life, home and work. I am currently working towards becoming a 4 Pillars of Destiny (Chinese Astrology) Consultant.

0413 434 929

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