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Jancy Lew has been practicing feng shui for more than 15 years and is recognized as one of Australia's most respected practitioners. She has been certified and awarded the title of "Master" in Feng Shui by the International Feng Shui Association. She was trained by one of the most notable, oldest grandmasters of classical feng shui in the world whilst practicing as an apprentice under his watchful eye. She continues with her feng shui audits and teaching with the guidance and knowledge under the lineage of the late Grandmaster Yap Cheng Hai

Her great passion and experience for this ancient art of Chinese metaphysics have gained her knowledge to use complex formulas by layering and blending the different schools of feng shui to create the right balance that is beneficial and life-changing for her clients.

Her clients include top-tier global companies, developers, and business magnates. She conducts masterclasses, seminars, and audits. Her charismatic, inspirational presenting style places her in demand as an entertaining guest speaker for conferences and public events.

Apart from feng shui, she works together with her husband to manage their vineyards, wineries, and holiday accommodation in Red Hill and Macedon Ranges. They still continue with their passion for architectural and interior works with their property investment and development, also with their main family businesses in Shanghai and Malaysia. Jancy lives in Melbourne with her 2 kids and her loving husband, the journeys and careers of both her and her husband have allowed them to travel the world extensively for work and in chase of new adventures.