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The International Feng Shui Association (IFSA) is a non-profit organization, founded in Singapore in 2004 by a community of Feng Shui masters, practitioners and experts to promote the global cultivation, awareness and appreciation of Feng Shui, and to improve standards of practice within the industry.

The IFSA also aims to assist all Feng Shui consultants, by engaging in various events and educational activities designed to promote ongoing professional development.

With four internationally acclaimed Grand Masters at the helm, plus over 450 members worldwide and chapters in Singapore, Australia, Romania, Poland, Japan, United Kingdom, Mauritius and Cambodia, the IFSA truly is the world’s premier Feng Shui association.

IFSA members work professionally within various fields of Chinese Metaphysics, including residential, small business and commercial Feng Shui projects and are committed to the Association’s Code of Ethics.

Whilst we are not a regulatory body with powers to endorse or police independent practice, it is expected that all members will abide by the guidelines set out in the IFSA Code of Ethics.

We welcome your visit to our site and trust that we may be of service, whether you wish to employ the services of a professional Feng Shui consultant, undertake training in this dynamic industry or profile your skillset as a qualified, experienced practitioner.


In line with its mission, IFSA aims to globally develop Feng Shui as a profession. To do so, it seeks to enhance the image of Feng Shui, particularly in terms of worldwide acceptance and credibility. In addition, IFSA will strive to foster the highest standards of Feng Shui competence and practice. The IFSA will also be available to assist all Feng Shui practitioners.

The Assocation’s following core objectives are to respond to the steadily growing trend of Feng Shui enthusiasts around the world.

  • Uniting the Feng Shui profession and bringing practitioners and organizations under a common banner.
  • Providing a channel for the exchange of ideas and professional experiences among those engaged in the practice of Feng Shui.
  • Developing and publishing original studies and papers; conducting meetings and holding congresses and events with a view to promote the best practices of Feng Shui.
  • Undertaking other activities that may be of general benefit to all members.
  • Promoting the profession in parts of the world that present growth potential as well as to provide assistance in establishing Chapter Associations. IFSA shall do this from a strictly impartial position.

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