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Changing the dynamics of your environment is the catalyst for enriching personal life outcomes. Insightful and meticulous Feng Shui practitioner; Dean French helps clients design, rearrange and optimise their spaces and environment to deliver an experience of elevated harmony, health, productivity and good fortune that positively transforms their everyday life.

Dean has been a regular contributor for “Wellbeing Astrology Annual Magazine” (2009 – 2021) and “Wellbeing Predictions Magazine” (2019 – Present).

With almost two decades of practical Feng Shui experience, Dean is known for his sense of humour, perceptive observational skills, and his direct and honest communication. Amongst his clients, he has a reputation as an accomplished consultant that has grown through perseverance, professional diligence, conscientious integrity, and the outstanding transformative life shifts they receive.

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PO Box 3010 Llandilo, NSW, 2747