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Founder of Feng Shui Qi can show you how qi, the universal life force, can affect your health, wealth and relationships, at the same time making the Feng Shui process very easy for you. Carol conducts Flying Star Feng Shui consultations for homes and business and is now based at Hope Island, Gold Coast, QLD. Carol is a Senior Feng Shui Practitioner who has researched and studied Feng Shui since 1997 attaining her Higher Diploma. Carol studied principally with a world class Feng Shui Master: Master Joseph Yu, (founder of the Feng Shui Research Centre), learning the method of Feng Shui known as "Xuan Kong" or commonly known as Flying Stars. This method is used by most Traditional Feng Shui Masters around the world. It is the most complex, therefore the most effective and accurate form of Feng Shui by calculating the qi in a building using space (compass direction) and time (the date it was built) to create a numeric qi map. Carol has been very fortunate, her Feng Shui journey has taken her to many countries including Singapore, which for the past 4 years has been her second home. Here Carol furthered her knowledge of Feng Shui in practice in Asia. In addition to Feng Shui, Carol has also studied BAZI and Face Reading. Carol was honoured to be the South Australian Representative of the world-wide Feng Shui Network until 2003 when she relocated with her husband to Queensland. During this time she hosted the Annual Feng Shui Conference in Adelaide. Carol also conducts seminars and workshops on various aspects of Feng Shui and has been a guest speaker at different functions showing people how and when to harmonise the elements to bring balance to their environment. Carol now lives on the Gold Coast and has "Feng Shui'd" many homes, apartments and businesses on the Gold Coast, Brisbane, NSW, SA, Far North Queensland, Singapore and New Zealand. Her detailed Feng Shui reports are very user friendly and easy to understand. Carol also works closely with architects and builders on the Gold Coast to ensure the Feng Shui is right from the ground up. Like most Feng Shui Practitioners with a passion for the subject, Carol feels she will be studying Feng Shui for the rest of her life and she shares her enthusiasm by spreading the benefits of Feng Shui for the common good and helping people to improve their daily lives. Carol takes great pride in both referral and repeat business from her clients around Australia.
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