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My specialty in Feng Shui is Health.

Without Health one is not able to enjoy life and have the ability to create Wealth.

I have been very fortunate to learn Feng Shui from many Masters both from here in Australia as well as in Singapore and Malaysia. My Feng Shui teachers include Rina Lee, Joey Yap, Raymond Lo, George Bennis, Joseph Yu, Stephen Skinner, Vin Leo, Howard Choy, Calvin Yap, Jo Ching and Edgar Yung.

I was fortunate to receive the Certificate IV from Australian College of Environmental Studies as well as the Diploma of Feng Shui, Chinese Astrology and I Ching from Raymond Lo’s College in Hong Kong, one of a handful in Australia to have this privilege.

In 2017 I received my Master Accreditation from the International Feng Shui Association in Singapore.

I have been able to help many clients where the main cause for their issues was health related. The placement of stoves, sinks, doors, water features and sometimes big electric appliances in the wrong sectors can create detrimental health issues.

Health issues like dementia and other head related issues like depression, feelings of loneliness, as well as miscarriages, stomach problems, lung related problems and even children getting aggressive are all manifestations of impairing the Earth energy and usually this will manifest in Health issues and sometimes this can be fatal. The affected areas can be either in residential or commercial premises, as long as people spend a lot of time in the building. Sometimes manifestations come in the form with legal issues as well. I have also attained Level 3 International Health Qigong Duan Diploma from the International Health Qigong Federation from Beijing, China. I regularly participate in their workshops and as well as workshops from Choy Lee Fut Kung Fu and Qigong school. Qigong keeps me grounded especially with my work and my family, now blessed with 3 grandchildren.