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Master Fiona Hawkins has over 15 years of studying, practising and researching the ancient practices of Feng Shui and Ba Zhi in Hong Kong. Having relocated from Hong Kong to Australia, she is now a member of the Australian Chapter and is based in Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast. She gained her accreditation with the IFSA in 2014, after studying under; Grand Master Raymond Lo, Grand Master Vincent Koh, Grand Master Stephen Skinner and Master Yap Boh Chu. Her areas of special interest are the Landscape Feng Shui of Hong Kong and the role that Feng Shui practice has played in the shaping and development of Hong Kong over hundreds of years; with a deep interest in the science behind these practices. Within business, Master Fiona Hawkins promotes the importance of understanding and respecting this ancient cultural practice, which underpins so many aspects of Chinese life.