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I am an accredited qualified Feng Shui practitioner conducting Feng Shui audits throughout Australia for the last 15 years. During my discovery of Feng Shui, found the importance of colour and how effective it could be enhancing or remedying a certain area of a clients home (even my own).
My passion for colour has grown especially since studing Colour Therapy in 2009. This enriched my artwork with a clearer understanding of colours and how to incorporate this into my Feng Shui practice by offering abstract artwork to my clients. Since this time have had the opportunity to provide beautiful works of art for previous clients – commissioned artwork.
Born and educated in Canada, Kath interests in creativity was discovered when she was at College studying advertising and marketing. After 10 years of working in the advertising and marketing industry for small and large companies, she found her new journey of Reiki and Swedish Massage Therapy. This was a rewarding career, working with the developmentally challenged and the elderly. During this time Kath started researching Feng Shui and the positive effects it could have on your living environment. Fascinated with the results she decided to study Feng Shui (Australian College of Environmental Studies – 2006) and other modalities to enhance her learning and along with her life experiences. They included Geomancy, Sacred Space, Chinese Astrology, Colour Therapy (to enhance her Artwork), Aromatherapy (for Space Clearing your home), Electriomagnetic Field Testing (Advanced Diploma), Sick Building Syndrome (of which ties in with today’s society of how we live), Vedic Meditation, Thinking into Results, Theta Healing level 1 and 2, Reiki level 1 and 2 and Metabasis Healing Technique. Kath provides a holistic approach to all of her consultations.
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Certificate IV Feng Shui 2007 Electromagnetic Field Technician - Advanced Diploma 2020 Chinese Astrology - Certificate 2007 Colour Therapy - Certificate 2009
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Mornington Peninsula Victoria Australia