Master Carolyn McCallum
AFSMAccredited Fengshui Master
Weekly radio show discussing Feng Shui in Sydney
Published magazine and newspaper articles on Feng Shui
Certificate IV in Feng Shui from Australian College of Environmental Studies with Distinction
Chinese Astrology 1,2,3,4,5, 6, 7 and 8 through the Australian Academy of Feng Shui
Feng Shui applications 1,2,3 and 4 with the Australian Academy of Feng Shui
Chinese Medicine - Australian College of Environmental Studies
Completed I Ching with Grand Master Raymond Lo
Completed Feng Shui 1 and Feng Shui 2 Certificates with Grand Master Raymond Lo
Completed Practiotioner Programme Zi Ping BaZi with Master Vin Leo
Completed Secrets of Outer Rings of the Lopan with Master Stephen Skinner
Completed Business Feng Shui with Howard Choy
Completed Advanced Four Pillars of Destiny Workshop with Jerry King
Completed Fire Formulas with Master Liu and Melynda Munroe
Completed Annual Star and Cosmic Chi Flow with Master Liu and Melynda Munroe
Completed Fertilityand Romance Formula workshops with Edgar Lok Tin
Completed Professional Organiser Training Course with Lisanne Oliver
Completed Bachelor of Education (Human Movement and Health Education) with Class1 Honours at the University of Sydney
Completed Masters of Education (Health Education) with Order of Merit at the University of Sydney
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Feng Shui Harmony
Brief Bio

Feng Shui Harmony is committed to creating prosperity, abundance and wellbeing for clients both in a residential, corporate or business setting. The Director of Feng Shui Harmony, Carolyn McCallum has studied extensively with many Masters and Colleges since 2004 and would love the opportunity to help create an environment that is supportive to you.

Her knowledge about the importance of fire (stove, BBQ, heaters) placement will release information to you that is essential in whether your home is working for you or against you. Carolyn is an expert in placing the stove for kitchen renovations, providing a summary on whether to decide to choose a particular house or work space based on her Feng Shui analysis of the buildings and your personal relationship with them.

Carolyn is regularly interviewed on radio about Feng Shui and has had articles published by newspapers and magazines on Feng Shui and Professional Organising (yes, she helps people clear their clutter too).

Carolyn is highly regarded in her field and has many testimonials from clients who she builds relationships with and continues to help over long periods of time. Her website contains many examples of people she has assisted. Carolyn works full time as a Feng Shui consultant and has helped over 500 clients improve their lives using Feng Shui.