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Master Jan, the principle founder of 'The Qi Consultant' is qualified in classical feng shui and chinese astrology plus business.  Coming from a small business, government and corporate background Jan communicates affectively at every level.   Growing up in Central Africa gave her a deep connection to nature and the realisation of how our internal and external environments affect us. 

Feng Shui has been part of Jan's life since 1993 when it helped her family during a difficult time.  This experience led Jan to continually research and study feng shui as part of her journey to become an accredited Master.  Studying under many wonderful Masters has given Jan a toolbox to find a different solution for each different case.  Helping people to use feng shui theories and formulas to build, renovate or improve their wealth, health and harmony is what Jan loves to do.  Ensuring the correct placement of sinks, toilets, air conditioners, stove etc when building is important for the longe term health and success of the occupants.

Based in Townsville, North Queensland, Jan travels wherever her expertise is needed.  Jan is the Secretary of the IFSA Australia Chapter and is a columnist for a popular North Queensland magazine and has been interviewed on radio.

Jan  loves to help anyone with their home and or business.