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The solar Year of the Water Tiger (壬寅) commences on the 4th February 2022 and we are pleased to be holding our Chinese New Year online webinar!

The Tiger is the third sign in the 12 animals of the Chinese Zodiac and is considered to be a symbol of strength, power and courage.  As such this year may still require a resourceful and determined response from us all in the face of lingering pandemic challenges.

According to the Chinese Hsia Calendar, the Year of the Tiger is also symbolized by the Heavenly Stem of Ren or Yang Water () sitting on top of the Earthly Branch of Yin or Tiger ().   This creates a year with both strong Water and Wood energies, which is ruled by the 5 Yellow Authority Star in the Central Palace of our home.

2022 also marks the arrival of the Wood or Spring Cycle which promises to be a time of new beginnings and growth, so for those of you who are ready to leave the last two years behind, get ready to put in some hard work as change won’t necessarily come easily!

If you would like to learn more about how to make the most of the energies and opportunities that lay ahead in 2022, then come along and let our experienced Feng Shui Masters advise you on the prospects that the Year of the Water Tiger will bring.

Tickets for our CNY webinar are priced at only AUD $18 for IFSA members & AUD $28 for non-members, so why not join us for a most informative and enjoyable event.


  • Master Edgar Lok Tin Yung – Chinese Zodiac Forecasts for 2022
  • Master Anna Zarasyan – Global Events Forecast for 2022
  • Master Jan Leese – What the Year of the Water Tiger Means For You



  • IFSA Members Webinar is priced at AUD $28
  • Non IFSA Members Webinar is priced at AUD $18

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